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Use of cookies

In order to make the visiting our website attractive and to enable the use of certain functions (e.g. login), we use so-called cookies. When you access our website, an info banner informs you about the use of cookies on this website and again refers you to our privacy policy. On our website we distinguish between required cookies and statistics cookies. Since you cannot use our website properly without the necessary cookies, these are activated by default. However, we only set statistics cookies with your consent, which you can give here and also revoke again.
The legal basis for data processing when using cookies is, in the case of required cookies, on the one hand our legitimate interest in the technical functionality and on the other hand your consent.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain websites. We use cookies, for example, to enable you to log in to our website or to store your consent to use statistics cookies. Please note that cookies cannot harm your computer. If you would like to learn more about cookies in general and their management, please visit

Manage cookies

Most browsers are set in such a way that cookies are automatically activated. However, these settings can be changed by you. For example, you can usually set your browser to inform you when cookies are set and to decide individually whether to accept them or to exclude the acceptance of cookies for certain cases or in general.
Our website cannot be used properly without the necessary cookies, as these are required for processes such as login. In order to be able to use our login area, you must always have cookies activated in your browser. If you disable cookies, you will be able to browse the website, but you will not be able to enter the login area.

Cookies used on our website

In the following list you will find the cookies we use on our website. In addition to the name of the cookie, its storage duration, the purpose of use, its provider and the allocation to the selectable categories (required, statistics and marketing) are indicated.
Name of cookie Storage duration Purpose of use Provider Category
.AspNetCore.Antiforgery session Required for security. STIHL required
.AspNet.Consent 30 days Required to store whether visitors agree to cookies STIHL required
.AspNetCore.Identity.Application session Is needed to log in users. STIHL required
ARRAffinity session Required for hosting on the Microsoft Azure Cloud STIHL required
ai_user 1 hour Is used to track the behavior on our websites STIHL statistics
ai_session 1 hour Is used to track the behavior on our websites STIHL statistics